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4 ft.

May '02

This original sculpture carved in May of 2002
was a commissioned by an old friend of a friend from the old surf band days of the Swingin' Tikis.

With a new band venture, an opertunity prompted the 'Traveling Tongue' tiki to go on the road. Three nights, Three Tikis, and APE!!!

Tiki #44 stood sentry over the creation of three tikis as APE toured Los Angeles for the first time in July of 2002. The venues King King and Kozmos shared the stage with the legondary Blue Hawaiians!
More live chopping found another tiki at The Doll Hut.
The 'Taveling Tongue' was inspired by the Maori tikis who threaten adversaries with a menacing display with cannibalistic intent.

CrazyAL incorporates the "Maori" concept into an original art piece.
CrazyAL Tiki#44 Tongue available in Malaysian Hardwood carved Masks, see bottom of page.

#13, #44, #45
are available in
Malaysian hardwood
carved masks

CrazyAL Tiki #44 Masks craved in Indonesian exclusively for Bone Productions and distributed by Smokin' Tikis Imports.

*** $40 ***
Email for Availability and Ordering
I Want A Mask !!

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