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"Von Rat"

4 ft.

Oct. '06
Doug Nason Commission
Coprp/Nason Art Gallery

This original sculpture carved in the Fall of 2006
was a commission that brought forth the most complex CrazyAL palm wood carving yet.
"Von Rat" - is a tiki that celebrates gusto of 'Low Brow' or a sub-culture revelry for the Weird and Exotic
Tattoos, Hot Hods, Monsters & Freaks

December '06 highlighted another of Crazy ALís artistic relationships. The Copro/Nason Gallery celebrated 15 years with itís own Retrospective Show. Many of ALís earliest and most ground-breaking works were produced for Copro/Nason art shows. Once again Crazy AL created an impressive example of his unique style and immense carving skill for Copro/Nason. ĎCrazy AL Tiki #120í, ďVon Rat TikiĒ was displayed in Dec. and also grace the pages of the Copro/Nason Gallery 15th Anniversary Book, debuted at their show. This Retrospective book also features Crazy AL Tikis #17 & #18. These tributes to vintage velvet painter Edgar Leeteg, first incorporated ALís velvet painting skills into his masterful carving.

The Winged Eye-ball of Pin-Striper Von Dutch & Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth's Rat Fink would
change the lives of youngsters across the globe with their Southern Cal. Car Culture fame. Pin Stripes and Monster cartoons are now the staple for the grown up kids in Kustom Kulter.

Copro/Nason has been at the for front of the Kustom Kulture ans Tiki Scene for 15 years. CrazyAL Tiki#151 incorporates these concepts and designs into an original art piece.

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