"Classic Polynesia Vs. Classic Mainland"

Tiki Chess Set

Bone Productions!

"Classic Polynesia Vs. Classic Mainland"

Sculpted by CrazyAL for the TikiNews "Tiki Art Now!" show in San Francisco, Sep.04. Full color catalog available through www.shootinggallerysf.com

This unique and incredibly detailed chess set has been reproduced in a limited quantity.
limited to 50 complete sets
made to order 4-6 weeks

Hand cast resin - hand stained for Bone Productions' realistic wood look
King ---- 7in X 2in
18in sq. board not included


A real rarity,
The CrazyAL "Classic Polynesia Vs. Classic Mainland" Chess Set features
miniatures of original Polynesian Island Tikis competing against the Mid-Century Mainland Tiki Sculptures that they inspired.
Beautifully sculpted by CrazyAL's manic whittling technique, these miniatures are exact to most all details and individual design.

Complete Set --- $350 retail ----------------------not for wholesale

A $175 deposit can be sent, click prompt.

These resin reproductions
of CrazyAL's work have Bone Productions' Realistic Wood Look