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"Four Victories"
"The Lucky Tiki"

8 ft.

Nov. '04
Bobby Green Commission

This original sculpture carved in Nov. 2004
was Commissioned for the Fourth Tavern opened by Bobby Green
"The Lucky Tiki - Enchanted Drinking Room",
"Four Victories - Lucky Tiki" is the Eightieth Tiki Sculpted by CrazyAL
Symbolizing the fourth successful venture into themed taverns, this tiki adorned with 'lucky' icons and the characteristic welcoming pineapple on the nose.

The Eightieth palm tiki sculpture by CrazyAL, "Lucky Tiki",(or "Four Victories Tiki") was proudly displayed as a Center Post in the 'Chief's Hut' in the 'Lucky Tiki'. The 'Lucky Tiki' is currently relocating and can be reached at
The Lucky Tiki

CrazyAL Tiki Gallery Mug

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