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Hang Yang

4 ft.

April '03
Privet Commission

This original sculpture carved in the Spring of 2003 was a commission that called forth the duality of the Universe. Tiki #55 crossed the boundaries of culture and design. “Hang Yang” would be the tiki that covets and protects the ‘Yin and Yang’ of Neo-Confucian Philosophy and would be another one of CrazyAL's seated Buddha type designs.

The mixture of Tiki motif with other cultural icons, or the ‘cross-Polynesation’ in CrazyAL's work, barrows from religious and cultural neighbors to create a tiki that is related to the it's origins of iconography. His adaptation of Asian concepts with Hindu formed a welcoming pineapple as a ‘Bindi.’ The reverent Hindu forehead dot of “Hang Yang” includes the ’Taijitu’ or Chinese diagram for yin and yang.

The five-digit hands are carved with opposing Hawaiian "Shaka" or 'Hang Loose’ signs. The concept here shows that in Hawaii there are two ways sign 'Hang Loose'....a the local way and the Haole way to show the sign.
The smooth flat ‘Hang Ten’ logo design of the feet create an excellent canvas for opposite tapa graphics with the right foot being a negative image to the left.

(Read more about it here in Tiki Magazine)
Read about Part I in the 'Budda' story here:

CrazyAL incorporates the "Buddha" concept into an original art piece. Tiki #55 is a Third to CrazyAL Tiki#13 "Keeper of the Charm" Cir. 1998. You can read all about how CrazyAL developed this Buddha Tiki in the back issues of Tiki magazine. Here: and Here:

#45 & #55
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CrazyAL Tikis #45 Miniatures craved in Indonesian exclusively for Bone Productions and distributed by Smokin' Tikis Imports. Carved just to hold your own wishes of prosperity.

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