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"Book Worm"

7 ft.

Private Commission
IBBS Book Buyers

This original sculpture carved in the late sum total of 2009
was a commission that brought forth yet another CrazyAL consuming tiki.
"Book Work" - is a tiki that celebrates the 'Tiki Freak' disease? or a compulsion to know and find 'Tiki.'

The Founder of IBBS found me in a quest to find a nicely carved tiki. He has collected from Tiki Tony, Tiki Diablo, and of course Leroy Schmaltz. After finding myself, he was spurred on to carving tikis himself, rather then purchasing more.... He made several nice replicas of my tikis #18, #34, and #109!!

His endeavors into carving were a result of the sickness turning his office into a 'Tiki-shack.' His CrazyAL studies now sit in the office. After completing these studies he stated, "Al, I can't tell you how long it took to finish your #18 tiki I did..." just before commissioning 'the-tiki' for the 'Tiki office.'
'Book Worm' was actually started at the IBBS warehouse with a log from his stock-pile.

CrazyAL Tiki#156 incorporates these concepts and designs into an original art piece.

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