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"High Roller"

Working Title
"Frankie's Tiki"

7 ft.

Oct. '08
Las Vegas Commission
Frankie's Tiki Room

1712 West Charleston

This original sculpture carved in the late Summer of 2008
was a commission that brought forth the largest CrazyAL palm wood tiki yet.
"The High Roller" - is a tiki that celebrates gusto of 'life' or a willingness to take a chance
on long shot endeavors.

The Founder of Frankie's Tiki Room opened the only real music venue in Las Vegas years ago - 'The Double Down Saloon', now a world famous punker bar. Talk about long shots? .

In Las Vegas, Nevada, risk taking is in the nature of the mind‘s eye. Tumbling dice, the royal flush, the royal payout or death of a winning streak (or unlucky patron) are symbols of every day existence.

In the South Pacific, life/growth is symbolized by the Maori 'Koru'; an unfurling fern frond. Other island cultures symbolize success with the use of the phallus, encouraging growth/fertility.

Death to an enemy is symbolized in Maori culture with a gapping mouth and displayed tongue. The unclean mouth can be seen as taboo in Polynesia.

CrazyAL Tiki#151 incorporates these concepts and designs into an original art piece.

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