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"'Auinala moe"
Afternoon Nap Tiki

"Keeper of Pleasant Dreams"
8 ft.

July. '08
Hawaii Commission

This original sculpture, carved in the summer of 2008, was commissioned
for a 'Hammock Pole' Remodel.
The "Afternoon Nap Tiki: Keeper of Pleasant Dreams",
In Hawaiian this is "'Auinala Moe Tiki: Kahu a wai'olu haili moe".
This is the first coconut wood tiki sculpted by CrazyAL.
It seems that one of two coconut trees in a very nice backyard
on the island of Kauai had gotten a case of 'top rot'.
Well then, one hears, "Hey AL, I got this palm I had to chop down over in Hawaii.....?"
Can you say 'Working Vacation'...the real "Happiest Place on Earth'???
12 days on the island, 8 days looked like this...

the last night looked like this...

Thanks!! Mr. Chongolio! for the extra hand in the nick of time...
check out his other videos as well.

At the bottom stands 'Tongaroe', head guy in the Cook Islands, also called "the Fishermen's Tiki."
He stands watch, looking out to sea, to insure a bountiful and festive Hukilau. Seated top, firmly grounded on his traditional roots, is 'Auinala moe looking over the innocent traveler in the Sea of Dreams. As the sculpt developed, a nai'a or 'porpoise' fin appeared in the head-dress of #146. It's a great omen! as it is always good to have a buddy with you while swimming in the see of dreams... it helps to keep the Mano hae away, or 'fierce shark'.

Submitted before knowing that the property had an Asian or Thai motif, the approved design for the hammock holder was a version of AL's 'Tiki Budda'.

This 'Keeper of Pleasant Dreams' holds the dreamer's hammock with powerful posed hands.

An existing landscape light, poised on the original coco palm,
perfectly lit the sculpture designed off site and carved in daylight.

Nap Time!

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