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of the
Mai Tai

6 ft.

May. '08
Privet Tiki Room

This original sculpture carved in the Spring of 2008
was a commission that brought forth a most remarkable coincidence.
Tiki #144 happend to celebrate the greatest tiki-drink ever, the Mai Tai, created in 1944!
by 'Trader Vic' himself!

Yes, The famouse Trader Vic's Restaurants have been at the forefront of the tropical drink institutions. Many have claimed fame for this most abused and basterdised recipe. Read about the original story here: It's tart not sweet folks... This could be said for the decor too. The dark and misteriouse Trader Vic's ambiance, with bark bamboo, wild New Guinea masks, free-standing brick Chinese-ovens and anatomic tikis, is not your local 'Island Bar and Grill' watering hole.

The classic original menue art set's the scene for the Mainlander's ideal of island life. Rum and women, more rum, and great food... and.. more rum.

Mai Tai Roa Ae!! is Tahitian for 'out of this world - the top'. "Keeper of the Mai Tai" is certainly one of CrazyAL's best palm tikis.

CrazyAL incorporates the "Trader Vic's" concept into an original art piece. Tiki #144 is a Ten Year Anv. Salute to CrazyAL Tiki#13 "Keeper of the Charm" Est. 1998. You can read all about how CrazyAL developed this Buddha Tiki in the back issues of Tiki magazine.

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